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If I were underwear, I'd be "comfy, practical" boyleg pants.
If I were a weird obsession, I'd be the Charmin Bear...(I don't quite get this-)...I do approve of clean arses, though, and I like it when the lil' contentment rays come out of his head after a pleasant Charmin-enhanced dump...
If I were a space alien I'd be Mr Hand, whoever he is...looks like Richard O' that the one from DARK CITY?
Christ, it's not 9:30 am and I'm wasting time already...
Interesting article in the Guardian about how all the Queen Mum, Gard Bless'Er's minions now face redundancy, with no guaranteed payoffs, after many years of minimal wage toadying, and ,if they've been in grace & favour accomidation, homelessness as well...

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