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MEXICO.. Gallery

Revived somewhat by the slightly fresher weather, I made a rare foray into North London to check out the Raw Vision show at the newish Mexico Gallery. From Trafalgar Square, the 24 bus takes you virtually to the door. (6 Fleet Rd, NW3). Get off at the next stop after you see 'St Dominic's', which you can't really miss, near the end of the line. Go there. It finishes June 3, I think.
The Mexico shop stuff is realy cool, btw. I am in need of a big, multicolour-beaded devil mask that costs about £3000.
The galery itself is the pleasantest space I've seen since the Gallery Of Contemporary Art, Pancevo. Spacious, bright, a certain 'character', with friendly, but not intrusive, staff.
I loved the show sooo much that I had to buy a catalogue for a fiver. Madness...but that's what it's all about, I guess.
I actually enjoyed it more than the huge Hayward 'Outsider' show, a few years ago.In particular, there was a selection of stuff from deranged Finnish artists I wasn't familiar with at all, which is delightful. There was a nice little video of them industriously looning away,too. One of them, a wizened manic ancient, exclaims 'You can't have a good heaven without a good hell' as he furiously jangles one of his crazy metal contraptions. He also has a penchant for ballet-style expressive movement routines, performed buck naked or in a selection of throbbingly lurid tracksuits. Excellent. I also discovered a UK artist called Chris Hipkiss, who does huge pencilled murals about how we're all doomed, peopled by weird long-maned androgynes flying about doing alarming things. Another brilliant find is James Harold Jennings, who specialised in colourful representations of cartoony buxom schoolgirls rather suggestively squatting on their male adversaries, with captions like "Connie says 'OK, Jack, get ready to get sat on'" I can't tell you how good.
All the usual suspects (Wilson, Wolfli,Gill,Chand,etc.) are well represented, and a magnifying glass has been thoughtfully provided near the work of Edmund Monsiel, who I think must have been very mad, indeed. His obsessively worked little pencil drawings of thousands of stern icon-like hairyfaced men have actually taken on the appearance of silverpoint. Intense.
It's a grand exhibit.The surrounding area has several junk shops, too.

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