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Who's Attending?

Looks like a really interesting programme. I'm trying
(as per usual-) to lose enough weight in 2 weeks to allow me to fit my bum and hurtin' knees into an ICA cinema seat;hope springs eternal,however deluded...
Thank the gods, a bit less sizzling sun today...
I'm still apprehensive about being 'helped back into work'. Retarded, I know.I'm not 'workshy',really. I like work- my work...It's not like I haven't paid agonising dues through decades of low-pad,no-presteige 'service' jobs already.
I popped in to check out the 'wall of bees'on Northcote Road, but it was away for maintenance. Nice little shop,though, lots of exotic (out of my range-)honey. MMMmmm...Love the stuff, especially when you can get 'comb' to chew on.(Drools.) Also made the accquaintance of a big, splendidly surly ginger cat plopped arrogantly in everybody's way on the petshop counter. He allowed me some famliarities.

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