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Oh My GOD!!!!

Why oh why is this absurd Augusty weather sent to torment me? Screech...I actually sat in the sun for a while, out of desperation, perhaps hoping to self-immolate. Result:I just look more than usual like a ham left under clingfilm. At least the launderette was fairly empty due to nobody wanting to be there on a day like this. I didn't want to be there, either, but to me a day like this is so grim, the launderette might as well be dealt with. I'm SO glad I had my hair cut.
I may be the only person on earth who regularly watches FIT FARM. It's dire, of course, but I'd love to be in a secluded stately home (even with lurid green and orange decor-)with lush grounds, pools, and gyms stocked with those dummies you can beat up (Are they called "Mr Slam" or something?) and other equipment galore. There's nobody around to shout abuse at you or stare, just a few other sweating chubs. Lovely.
The 'experts' who are whipping the contestants into shape, are, of course, a loathesome gaggle of smug, patronising ectomorphs,and I was quite stunned by their disdainful diagnosis of idiot-girl Nicky, as a 'comfort addict'. The Hitler Youth trainer sadly shook his head and predicted she would always be unfit, and overweight, unless she can learn to take pleasure in being ever-hungry and constantly going for the burn. Eee, life's hard-

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