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Pollock's Saved?

I fought my ever-increasing agoraphobic (yep, Spring is here-) tendencies and went out to Scala Street to make a farewell visit to the Toy Museum. It was shut, with a note on the door saying they'd been given a last minute reprieve by the landlord, and would re-open in a few weeks after refurbishments, so that's nice,if true. Nothing in the papers about it,that I noticed.
Mooched around the bookshops, etc. for a while. There was a pretty alarming nutter running about, in rather colourful raggedy robes, etc. He had a strange, raspy-braying voice, and screamed LOUD gibberish into the faces of horrified young nubiles (for which I was shamefully grateful... While he was terrorising a brace of them, I got to limp past unmolested-). The streets as usual, once it starts warming up, reeked intensely of piss and puke.

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