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Give Me Lots Of Money..

Looks like my profile is finally up ('Lee Kennedy'), but I don't think non-US artists can get donations through them. There's no wee button on my site. Eh, who was I kidding, anyway?
Exellent site, though...

Spent most of the day waiting for the BT guys to do their thing. (They're re-wiring my block. I was hoping they might be going to make it a 'hotspot' or something, but no, just ordinary maintenance.
Had to change a lightbulb, always frightening for me, and nail up a few things that had fallen down recently, all requiring standing on the kickstep, so now I'm exhausted from sheer fright. Can't find my large screwdriver, so the bloody fan's still not sorted out. That screw that shouldn't be where it is, is jammed so tightly I can't dislodge it with the weeny ones.I think someone must have tried before me to put it together and fucked up, took it back, and then it was just put back on sale. Took me ages to fix the grilles that were all backwards, etc.
Boring sort of day. Oh well, beats having your head cut off in Iraq, for sure...

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