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Northcote Road...

Wandered down there again today. Hadn't bothered in ages, but I like the atmosphere. Seems like you're quie suddenly far away from Clapham Junction. It's kind of villagey, there are lots of coffee shops and a (very expensive-) organic bakery. There's also a shop selling honey and stuff, that invites us in to look at their 'wall of bees'. I gave it a miss, as I was in a bit of a hurry, but must check it out; have never seen a wall of bees before... I got that £13 fan at Somerfield's. It had no instructions, there's a screw already stuck into the base that won't come out,and it wont fit together until it is out. I'm still trying to sort the whole thing out. Why does this always happen? I'm really determined to avoid taking it back, but I may just have to...
Got another of my free-rent DVDS: MAITRIX RELOADED. It honestly is the most terrible drivel. Morpheus' speech at the rally/rave/orgy thing is just one good example of the laughably quasi-deep retarded dialogue. However, Keanu & co. look so cool in their shades and long coats, and all the flying/fighting is such fun to watch that it doesn't matter that much. Excellent dumbass fun.
EASTENDERS flash -Ash Ferreira (Young Ghandi-) has had a rush of blood to the 'ead, and gambled away all the family's hard-scrounged money for the mortgage, trying to make up the shortfall. Whoops; never saw that coming...Hope this means that the whole dismal crew has to Leave The Square pronto.

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