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Another Wasted Day...

Spent mostly cleaning pens,and watching DVDs (Got a month's free rental on a promotion-)
I've been dipping into the new Horror Channel now and then, and I see they do actually have rather interesting short programmes between films; interviews with people like Peter Sasdy, etc.(I think I met him once, at a party-) Most of the films are total dross, but at least they're stinkers that aven't been on 1000 times. They also show strange old things like THE GHOUL (Karloff's-), VAMPYR, WHITE ZOMBIE, etc. at 18:00

Have any ANGEL-watchers noticed that Spike seemes to have aged markedly since BUFFY? Well, he has been through a lot, I suppose.

TOP OF THE POPS tonight has Peter Andre! INSANIA! Can't wait...

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