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Shameful Disclosure...

I was hobbling along, just passing a newsagent where several other people were standing around, waiting for it to open up.
Suddenly, a couple of kids shrilled ''Scuse me!', as they ploughed through on their bloody bikes. (It is, of course illegal to cycle on the pavement-) The man who was jogging along with them, then turned around and shouted. ''Scuse me! You could say tank you! When you get hit, you be complainin', innit?' I managed to hiss 'You shouldn't be on the pavement',and immediately pissed myself with terror in case he stabbed me or something...Actually, he probably didn't even hear me. The others said nothing at all, just trooped on into the shop, as the door opened.
I now have to confess that I spent the next few minutes running a really unpleasant racist rant through my bigoted brain. I guess everyone does it. When some stranger gives you agita, you just 'naturally' home in on the first physical thing about them you notice, to shower insults upon. I still feel guilty, though. I'm the first to kvetch about prejudice when someone disses the 'fat 'and 'old'...And I'm also still thinking about how much more civilised urban life could be if there weren't quite so MANY arrogant, ignorant,loud, unhygenic, rude,loutish, threatening Bleepers about. May the gods be lenient with me...

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