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Igor Hofbauer Again!

Hey, I finally found a gallery website for his irresistible gig posters, etc. The man's a genius! (Bastard!)

Crap Film Query Time: I sat through nearly all of that SOLE SURVIVOR thing on 5 last night (Well, I was drawing, too-) just out of curiosity to see how it worked out. Last thing I remember was this weird, wired-up child (- Who he/she? I must have nodded out a bit before, as well-) made the baddie shoot himself. How did it all end? While channelsurfing earlier this week, I landed on Hugh Grant protesting he couldn't get rid of his 16-year old cat just because his partner was pregnant (NINE MONTHS)...Well, I should bloody think not, although it seemed to be regarded as an instance of his character's selfishness and immaturity - I wasn't about to sit through a cheesy romcom to find out; even I have my limits - but how was the cat situation resolved? ( I suppose it just conveniently pegged out due to age before the baby was born, end of problem -)
I'm still suffering from this oppressive feeling of foreboding I've been labouring under for several days; hope it's just another symptom of insanity and that Something Really Dreadful isn't about to happen.
Shit, some Beltane, where are all the hunky, horny spaced-out, hideous old lady-fancying Green Men?...

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