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You're a softbutch. You're not as comfortable as
other women in feminine dress, but you can
still wear a skirt when forced. Guys only
consider you mildly threatening, if at all. You
attract some men, though most can figure out
you're not into men. You have little trouble
being pals with them. You're not afraid of
tools and if you had the urge, you could
probably handle hanging cabinets or installing
hardwood floors. Still, you're not a motivated
a do-it-yourselfer and usually only get caught
in home improvement projects to impress or
placate the girl you're dating.

What is your Dyke Rating?
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It's feckin' SUMMER already. I can't bear it. I do feel a bit guilty about hating warm weather, as it seems to bring pleasure to so many.It's just vile, though, hateful. Clapham Juction always smells like piss, and when it's warm, and you're waiting centuries for a 77A, bleh-

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