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bassringer  's post reminds me that today is  24-Hour Comic Day!  Looks lke I'm not gonna do it again... Bah!

Watched LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN. I never had the chance to read the comic, but I wasn't  impressed by the film, uh-uh. Apart from some pretty cool SFX , it was just one of those one-big-fight-after-another flicks. I like big fights, of course, but  do like a bit of character development and stuff thrown in, too. Must say  I  loved the Nautilis, though. Gorgeous. Incidentally, I didn't know Captain Nemo was Indian. ( I'm not sure if I ever read  the book, actually ...) Still, any fule no that the real  Captain Nemo is James Mason... and  much as I quite liked all  Mr Hyde's  Hulk-ballooning,etc. he could hardly have lurked sinisterly unobserved in Victorian alleyways looking like that. Come to think of it, with arms almost as wide as his giant  torso, and and a lil' peanut head, I doubt if he could have done anything much.


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