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Hot Tamales !!!

Mooched around the West End a bit, trying and failing to score one of those free 'End of Story' books. Bum...

 Peeved, I fell prey to the Graphic Centre, and  Cybercandy, which has just opened on Shelton Street, nearly opposite it.   I scored  a couple of (Homer Simpson droolfrenzy-) Zagnut  bars, Almond M&Ms, and some Hot Tamales! Oh God, those things are good...Oh yes, and some Cinnamon TicTacs, too. I don't understand why -MMMmmmm- cinnamon candy doesn't sell here. They also had Dots, - at nearly £4 a box, and Oreos, which aren't even particularly interesting, for nearly 5... Everything was marked up about 500%... but it's actually worth it, to blissfully destroy yer innards with Hot Tamales!

I also admired arty pastel coloured vibrators and other elegantly pervy stuff in Coco De Mer; Cripes, some bastards have money... Even if I won the Lotto, I doubt I'd invest £50 plus in a dildo! Wouldn't cost much more to just rent a gigolo..

Was grievously tempted to buy books and CDs in Mysteries, too. Resisted, only to end up buying one of those thick sketchbooks for a fiver in Borders, before finaly givingup on the  End of Story thing, and going home. Still haven't fallen for a Moleskine, though...,3604,1195767,00.html


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