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Down On The Farm....

Spent the day at Hazel's(Bloody Essex AGAIN!)amazing 'rural' retreat. Absolutely gorgeous and blissful. She met me at the station, and we 'did' Romford market and the many local charity shops. There are some really excellent cheapo houseware places, too.
Lots of weirdos on public transport today, though. The prime nutter was on the 77A. He was extremely neat and clean, so at least he didn't stink the bus out while he was spooking everyone. He had huge headphones on, and kept making 'David Brent Dancing' noises. Then every once in a while he'd shout out some weird thing like "Tits Up!"...."Fu Manchu!" (my personal fave)..."Fuck the Establishment, etc. Maybe he has Tourette's.

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