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Sainsburys, Nine Elms...

All human life was there this morning. An expensively casual gorgon with two pushchair monsters, shrieking with remarkable hideousness, like they were suffering from some terrible brain inflammation, or something, allowed to run riot, ululating up and down the aisles. I found myself seriously thinking "someone just KILL them..." Now and again, the mother would bawl raucously herself, if they were actualy knocking stuff over. No attempt was made to restrain them, or replace the stuff they were flinging about, of course.
I turned down one aisle just to get out of their range, and there, loading the shelves was the retarded(?) woman who 'sings' all the time (i.e. makes loud wordless cow-in-labour sounds-)When she works on the till, she really pushes the boat out and moans 'spiritual'-type dirges about bathing in Jesus' Blood and such. She moves very, very slowly, even by my crippy standards, and looks like an Easter Island Aku-Aku thing.
Today on the till, I got the Jolly Woman who takes ages chatting to the old folks and kiddies, and yelling stentorian greetings to her colleagues passing by. I'm sure she's extremely popular, but she gets on my tits, especially when she does the 'Have a lovely day now' shit. Very bad of me, I suppose, but how can that kind of behaviour possibly be sincere, and why do people seem to enjoy being fawned on in such fashion by strangers? (I realy wasn't suited for my decades of 'service, was I?) I mean being civil, or even pleasant-ish, sure, but she and I both know we are not good buddies. It's just stupid and embarrasing.
Being without a VCR is really giving me the torture. Oh well, at least I have a TV of sorts...'Mustn't grumble' (Ha!)

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