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My Dull Day...

Still trying to finish that 4-pager I don't much like (but I volunteered for it...) Two pages down. It's taking forever, and doesn't look too good. Exercise in discipline, etc...
Watched a thoroughly lameass 80's thriler, VENOM, about a bunch of criminals, an asthmatic brat, and his graddad, all banged up with a pissed-off Black Mamba. The weirdest thing about it was the cast...Sterling Hayden, Nicol Williamson, Klaus Kinski, Oliver Reed, Mike Gwillym, Michael Gough,Susan George and Sarah Miles (who had to say 'It's the most dangerous snake in the whole world' twice.)How on earth did a bunch of proper thesps that pukka get involved in this thing? Might be an interesting story there...
The best bit, anyhow, was when the snake went up Mr. Reed's trouser leg and bit him in the goolies, closely followed by Mr. Kinski's balletic demise after repeated bitings and shootings, culminating in defenestration.

PS: Anyone who hasn't seen SHADOW OF THE VAMPIRE, and is in Sunday night at about 11-ish, check it out on BBC2. I really enjoyed it; very clever, and Mr Dafoe is brill as 'Max Schreck'
I might also remind any ARTSWORLD subscribers who missed it, or anyone who wants to join in time, that they're repeating that totally excellent series of LES MISERABLES with Depardieu, and lots of other French stars,( not to mention John Malkovich, who makes a very fine Jauvert, although I'm not usually a particular fan of his-) starting next week.

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