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'Liliane' is Back!

I got a mail-out from the lovely Leanne Franson, recently, announcing the publication of DON'T BE A CROTTE!, a 96-page collection of all-new strips featuring the feisty and opinionated 'Bi-Dyke Liliane' and a cast of smackworthy antagonists, including 'Roch', the flatmate from the Ninth Circle, (I'm sure I shared with him once, myself-) and a potential 'Babydaddy' of such frighteningly offhand, life-threatening irresponsibility that I really hope he doesn't exist in RL. (Jeez, the things people will go through to breed, while some of us can't think of anything LESS desirable. Life is so weird...)
There's loads more, a bit darker this time, but with no charm or chuckles lost. (Although my favourite - ever Liliane strip is still the wonderfully strange saga of the stray piece of human skin in Old Montreal, from ASSUME NOTHING...)
I was grumping about being unable to afford no feckin' books, of course,but yesterday morning's post unexpectedly provided my very own 'review copy'! Squee! Thanks again, Leanne, I liked it plenty, and advise all comic-lovers with cash to get a copy. I imagine it wil be available from GOSH and other good indy shops in the UK soonish.
In the meantime,if ya just can't wait,try contacting:
Leanne Franson
4323 Parthenais
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H2H 2G2
( USA $12.95/ CAN $14.95)
I'm informed that some copies may still be available online, as well, at Go for it!

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