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Comin' Atcha...

I only had a few days left to use my free cinema pass, so became the first nerd on my block to see the new DAWN OF THE DEAD. It's not bad at all. These zombies are way ugly, and they jump, run and screech quite scarily. There are some reasonably nasty moments,and a nice air of claustrophobia throughout There's a cool soundtrack,too.
There were some pretty enticing previews,too. VAN HELSING looks like it might be fun. There's a rather promising werewolf, and Mr Jackman looks pretty lush, even in a Guy Fawkes hat.
ZATOICHI might be worth a look, too. it certainly seems pretty spectacular visually. However, there is absolutely no way that rather creepy-looking Mike Myers Monster could ever be THE CAT IN THE HAT. His voice is All Wrong, too.Ugh...

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