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Ohhh, Nooooo...

I had intended to go along to the WebComix Thing Saturday, but forgot about it, and managed to doublebook myself, as Hazel's new business venture has a stall at some Mind/Body/Spirit thing in bloody Brentwood, and I said I'd go. What keeps drawing me to the horrors of Essex-wards? Bum! I was going to try and do another little report, and see if TCJ would use it. Oh well,it may be a bit too 'ordinary' an event for them, anyway.
Hazel's coming over here Friday, and we're gonna see the Coli in all its restored glory. (I actually WON a pair of tickets!) I've nobody left that I knew working there, any more to try and scrounge comps from, so best make the most of it. It's RHINEGOLD, too; cool-
God, they've blown up a hotel in Iraq, now; 'The Atrocity of the Day'...We really are all doomed, dammit.

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