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Dave Sim Nuts: Official

Actually started to read  TCJ 258, which I'd set aside until I forced myself to finish  GINGER GEEZER ( a very dull book, which managed to  totally put me off Vivian Stanshall, who it seems was a tedious drunken bore, RIP-), only to be confronted by over 12 pages of epistle from Mr Sim, foaming on, as usual about us 'masculine women/feminists, Marxists and  homosexualists'. 

 Now, I've never regularly read  CEREBUS 'cos it always bored me, and the artwork doesn't appeal much to me, but I certainly respect his accomplishment in keeping it going for 26 years, or so. Still, what a bloody waste of valuable COMICS JOURNAL space, to let him blather on at that kind of length. I mean, is anyone actually interested? Of course, he should have the right to rave on as he pleases, but in his own publications, puh-leeze. I would so much rather have seen another illustrated  Ditko - related essay. ( I find Ditko's politics and philosophy repellent and boring, too, but at least he's a bloody interesting artist ! )

Here's a sample of Sim...
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