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We Are The People...

I visited this fascinating free exhibit at the Portrait Gallery this morning. Wonderful stuff; ancient postcards of long-gone people solemnly posing with aspidistras,painted seaside backdrops etc. So many little mysteries... What's going on with the four flat-capped men and the terrier? the saintly-looking old man and the sad little boy? And so many (often quite charming) 'gay' couples? Surely there was no fad for queers to have formal portraits made with their partners in the early 20th century? It must have been just 'the thing' to be photographed with your best friend, or something. Several pairs of men are hand-holding and arm-around-shouldering, though. Whatever, they're sweet. There's a proper drag king and her girlfriend, too- I really wish I could afford the catalogue. This really is a must-see.

No-Disposable-Income Woman also has an absurd lust for a Moleskine sketchbook. They're really quite mundane, and don't appear to have better paper quality, etc. than similar ones at half the price. I'm sure it's the blurb "As used by Van Gogh..." and other big names, that insinuates until the "Buy!" button is activated. You somehow get this irrational feeling that if you doodle into a Moleskine, you'll be top-rankin', too. Duhhhh-

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