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The Supreme Strangeness Of Spam...

This was attached to a pitch about geting 'free legal' cable TV.

syringa countenance nicholson transferring choosy ally indochina counterproposal magneto dexterity commonweal condolence r's spout pedant crimp condense sine clearheaded citation improvise prorogue extensor hotbed rumen

gila contrary umbra claude checksum navel crease toni quatrain prothonotary recur sorghum beast belvedere cave edible punctuate ron lumber came steep bausch concatenate elena bedfast cunningham dachshund del laughlin hematite lamar

Can't you just see that sorghum beast recurring in the 'belevedere'?....Laghlin Hematite Lamar is a snotty young up-and-coming tycoon whose parents were hippies...


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