Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Er - SURELY, Some Mistake...

Far-Left Liberal
Yes, this quiz is malfunctional. First I came out as (gah-) 'Conservative', then the code didn't work proper, then I tried it again with the same answers, and now it says I'm a raving pinko (well, that's OK, anyhow...) Just remembered, I have a free cinema pass to use in the next few weeks. It's only good forThe Other Cinema,the Ritzy, or the Clapham Picture  House. Hmmm...
Watching a really crap potboiler about crazed killer sharks, DEEP BLUE SEA. 'Tony Soprano's ' sister just got blown up by a crashing plane, and that bloke from BREAKING THE WAVES had his arm bitten off, and was then quite spitefully fatally rammed into a glass screen (by shark-) and finished off. Odd... Unusually, it looks like the non-major-star black guy is  only going to be  third to die.

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