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Did the supemarket thing, and got that out of the way.My back has been BAD for days. Had to brave one of those newfangled high-tech photo booths to renew my (thank the gods for it...) bus pass. God, what a fright. I really need to go on EXTREME MAKEOVER urgently
BACK TO REALITY (UK Channel 5) actually looks like it could get very frightening; foaming mad 'celebs' killing each other, yeh! I may be failing in chub solidarity, here, but Rik Waller realy is an annoying git. Christ, him and Uri Geller having a soul-baring session, Maureen from DRIVING SCHOOL simmering, pacing and punching her palms, that pikey WIFESWAP woman erupting incomprehensibly, and as for sleazy bitchqueen Ricardo...Wheee, 'just like the Roman chariot days!' I can really envision that Maureen gettin' down with the net and trident...

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