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'Obesity TimeBomb'...

Dunno if it's just me being paranoid as usual, but do any other chubsters feel vaguely threatened by this constant media bombardment about the 'epidemic' of obesity? Like maybe if you don't somehow miraculously manage to shed your load you'll be culled,or something? Like 'they' aren't even gonna let us live out our no doubt fearfully fat-shortened lifespans any more,'cos they don't like our kind 'round these parts...
Jeez, I had my mother running her ferocious mouth at me all my childhood years, when I was only kinda plump, now I realy am a big ol' 'mountain of flesh', and the damn government is resolved to take me out. It's Insania, I tell ya...
I'm a bit fragile, actually; just got back from Wotan-to-the-vet stress and strain (and another non-existent £88 for tests, meds,booster shot, etc...)
Yes, I know I shouldn't be whingeing when poor sods are being blown up by the dozen in Iraq, etc., but that's all so horrible I don't even wanna think about it, these days... Fuck all I can do. If it enables me to let off some steam 'to descant upon my own deformity' and stuff, well why not?
There's a TV programme about Jean Cocteau coming up,so I'm going to escape into that, now...

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