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Spaced Out...

I went off to Tottenham  Court Road, and caught the special saddos' screening of RETURN OF THE KING (11:30 AM) . There were about 25 other dodgy-looking characters in the cinema, and I couldn't fit into the chairs; had to balance my buttocks on the very edge for three-plus hours. No wonder I feel disorirentated. Now, I know I'm vast, but there are a lot of people the same size or even bigger in London. How do they manage at the pictures? Of course, not all cinema seats are quite as meagre.
Anyway, I was slightly bored by the first hour, but once the first giant flying dragon shrieked in Dolby Stereo, I was into it bigtime. I didn't really become aware again  of my tortured bum and twisted limbs until they got back to the Shire. Wheee!

It felt extremely weird being out on the street again, after all  that. I haven't felt quite so at odds with reality since the first time I saw APOCALYPSE NOW, and I was stoned, then.

When I finally got home home, I switched on the telly straight away,of course, like the tragic Bride of Comic Book Guy I am, and there was Bernard Hill (Theodin) as the messenger in a TV ANTIGONE, circa 1984. Apart from wig & whiskers, he really looks the same. Some people...


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