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Whinges Of TechnophobeWoman...

I wanna have a stripblog, and gallery to flog my wares, like other folks, but  I can do nowt with my it-was-rubbish-in '98 pc and its crapped-out peripherals. I've pissed about endlessly, but got nowhere. I can't even get the disk cleapup prog to function any more,so can't download any cool new stuff, etc.  Wah!

Would that some highly skilled and altruistic South London geek might miraculously come round and put me right (sob-) I could provide pizza, alcohol and an audience with Wotan, not to mention my (useless)  eternal gratitude and fuckall money. Oh, maybe this angelic apparition could fix my dead DVD, too...Dream on, chubs-

Speaking of which, had a scary dream about a hideous tramp ,frothing at the mouth like a rabid animal, leaping out of Brydges Place, WC2, waving a syringe that he was going to attack me with. What was particularly bad was the way he was moving ; all bendy and weird, like an animated  'Stretch Armstrong'. Ick. It was so nasty I woke up.

What was so attractive about Alan Clark? Absolutely loathesome wee man, really, racist, sexist, practically a Nazi, crooked as a dog's hind leg and a dreadful snob-yet, like so many others, I always found him strangely appealing, and was sad when he died. Why can some people  get away with being like that? It's gotta be more than just 'charm', surely... Of course, I've always been a sucker for anyone who could make me laugh, and Clark was pretty comical...


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