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Why Meeee?...

Got what I thought was a cheque from JAT this morning, but it turned out to be a note saying the head office had refused any refund on my lost ticket, 'Thank you for your understanding'... I don't bloody understand! I'll kick up a stink, but there's not much chance of getting any satisfaction.
I'd considered going to see ROTK, as it's 'cheap' on Mondays, but ended up being unexpectedly moved by a cheap and cheesy-looking 80's production of OEDIPUS AT COLONUS; not even very well acted, except by Juliet Stephenson, but it's easy to empathise with those poor fuckers being repeatedly zapped with hideously ironic disasters by the hard-hearted gods.
I just wish I could find some way to make money, quickly. I am, I'm afraid in a really grim situation.

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