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Things We Do For Love...

Have managed to accidentally delete two entries, which will give some indication of the state I'm in...I am killing time in a (£2 an hour!) internet cafe on Baker St. Another hour to go before I collect the thoroughly tested Wotan. The Cat Cardiologist is attractive, with cuddly chequered shirt, thick curly locks, (BIG) wedding band, and a wonderful way with cats. This investigation into the heart murmur is going to cost £500!!! I expect this really makes me clinically insane. What would YOU do, though? In cats, heart disease doesn't really show symptoms until it's Too Late, and there's no way of telling if the murmur is benign or not without the tests...I followed my own heart, and so it goes. Prayers and good vibes of other cat fools much appreciated. Bast help us!

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