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I must be sending out some sort of aggression-attracting rays. In the LIDL queue this morning, (I scored loads of cheap pens,brushes, etc..Yeh!) The cabbagepatch-jowled pramface in front of me who had been dawdling over her text while I (and the long queue behind) was prevented from unloading stuff, etc, rounded on me, and demanded I stop 'pushing' her. She then deliberately checked out as slooowly as humanly possible, while everyone simmered. Christ...Agorophobia looks more and more desirable.
My sister's favourite cat, Luna, died on Saturday night. I never even 'met' this critter, but snivelled over the stoically anguished email... Projecting my own fear of the cat-cardiologist excursion Friday, and the inevitable but unthinkable eventual loss of Wotan.
Don't bother telling me what a prat I am. I know all too well.

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