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Gimme Some!
-If anyone rich feels like showing their support to a member of the underclass, with gifts of cool and needful things, this is the URL to check out,OK? Remember, I'd be delighted to offer artwork, mega-X sized knickers, whatever, in return. It could be your chance to invest in a BritArt star of the future...
God, I feel dozy, but I've got creative stuff to do, if I can bring myself round-which probably means I should get the hell out of livejournal-land, and into my promising word document-
I do have to mention that I actually got a certificate at last, saying that I passed that desktop publishing course I bumbled through months ago. They lie! I really think they must just pass everyone to get the government grants. Oh well, I've got another useless lil' 'qualification' anyhow...

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