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Unseemly Trolley Rage...

A really annoying posh bitch with one of those absurd 'racer'-type giant pushchairs full of squirming rugrat grotesqueness, cut me off in ASDA, and blocked my way when I was trying to concede she'd pushed me out of the queue, and move on... I growled 'Stupid breeder!' at her, and immediately felt very ashamed of myself... ( but for that split second,it felt great.Pushy bourgeoise cunt-)
The supermarkets were heaving with hordes of fractious, hateful humanity. I spent as little as possible, got R's stuff, did a few other errands, and barricaded myself back in the flat, to wallow in THE MAYOR OF CASTERBRIDGE, that apotheosis of misanthropic gloom...
I'm afraid I'm getting yet another bloody toothache.
There was an amusing little history of DR WHO on TV, with clips of many of the spectacularly naff monsters I'd almost forgotten, like that green bubble-wrap giant maggoty thing. Splendid!

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