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Visited by Horrid Little Men...

Woke up feeling spooked. I  know it had something to do with Oompa Loompas, and was unpleasant, but that's all. Alien abduction, perhaps? Couldn't  get up until after 8, anyhow; just couldn't face the world, or the launderette. ( I didn't go...)

Finished reading ALEC GUINNESS: THE UNKNOWN, which wasn't that great. The author, Garry O'Connor, semed more interested in 'proving' the old boy was gay or bi than anything else. I mean, that kind of dish is always interesting, but he didn't really seem to have anything conrete to back it up. I was kind of unsettled by his desciption of Guinness' face in old age as 'strange...full of unlived vices'. What does that mean? It sounds scary; Dorian Gray-ish. When I was a pre-teen I had  serious crush on Alec Guinness, which everyone used to think hilarious, but I still think he could be sexy-looking as a young man.


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