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My journal says I'm 55% masculine.
What does your LJ writing style say about your gender?
LJ Gender Tool by hutta

Whew, at least I got dressed today. I've been stinking in my dressing gown for three solid days, just singin' the Yuletide blues. It usually doesn't bother me  so much. After several years, I'm  used to Christmassing alone, and quite like it. This year was grim,  though.  Manky 'wet & windy'  weather didn't help. Yetch.

I had a strong urge to bet on a certain 25-1 horse, yesterday, and thought. No. Don't be a fool, in your situation blah, blah...Fucking bastard thing won, of course. Grunt.

It really never fails. There's inevitably some really gruesome natural calamity around Christmas time, and/or major war-type carnage, usually visited primarily on poor heathen folk over the seas, etc. The 'orrible earthquake in aptly-named Bam has pushed the Chinese Gas Leak Disaster (only about 200 dead-) off the front page...


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