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Kinda Purty...

They didn't have HOLLY & THE IVY on 'Carols From King's' this year, always a swizz. They did have IT CAME UPON THE MIDNIGHT CLEAR, though; another one of the few carols I like;

I've always had a fondness for the line   "Still through the cloven skies they come, with peaceful wings unfurled .."    Got a nice ring to it...I like the part about the Age of Gold, too.  I think I still prefer the 'American' tune, though...I also kinda like WE THREE KINGS... The only Christmas 'pop' songs I've ever been able to tolerate are I BELIEVE IN FATHER CHRISTMAS and  FAIRY TALE OF NEW YORK, also  SILVER  BELLS is a rather pretty, if inane tune.

Renate came round with some cakes, but I said no thanks, partly because I know she was sharing what almost-nothing she has, and better she should have it all, and partly because I'm trying to 'shrink' my bottomless stomach, as the milk diet really HAS to happen, now, due to the financial diaster situation. It would be great if I actually lost some weight, too, but I suppose that's ...erm.. pie in the sky. </font>


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