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Beware The Stare...

Just experimenting with  the rich text...Here goes:

Nah, doesn't work. I thought maybe you could add images from your own folders.

 Haven't done anything worthwhile so far, today. Got the shopping in, including Renate's stuff. The rubbish chute is STILL  blocked up, and it's getting really smelly. I've personally complained four times, including a phone call to the neighbourhood office, and I can't be the only one. It's nearly a week, now. T'ain't fittin'. If we all get cholera or something it's down to Lambeth Council and their useless contractors. Of course, nobody cares about us lowlife council tenants, anyway. It's probably all a plot to kill off some of us and save the taxpayers money. Mumble...

Still dawdling over AMERICAN GODS, and I've started reading ALEC GUINNESS:THE UNKNOWN


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