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Another Local Murder!

Whew, it always was a bit rough around here,but it's getting heavy. (I need to move to the seaside NOW-where are you, rich patrons?) A poor soul was shot on Clapham High St and robbed of the takings outside a nightclub. He died a few days later. To-day a neighbour told me they found a burnt corpse in skanky Larkhall Park, very near here this morning.Brrrrr, gave me the heebie-jeebies.
BOGUS DEAD the excellent zombie anthology arrived this morning. Looks great! I'm trying to help 'distribute' it in London, so check out Avalon, Gosh, and Comics Showcase, next week, if you're interested, and you should be. It's got(amongst other ace creators-) Kochalka, Megan Kelso, Ariel Bordeaux, Zograf, Me, and is chockful of shambling,drooling zombie goodness.Uhhhh! You buy!

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