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May have to put the central heating on... Went to the West End, and sniffed at bookshops. ( Got a £20 book token from an old friend! Yeh!...Can't decide what to blow it on-) Then I went to have a look at the Photographers' Gallery OFFICE exhibit, which made me feel really glad to be unemployed. David Moore's photos were particularly redolent of the horror of Work; especially one of a harrassed-looking girl grimly tearing into a sandwich. There was a weird little video I really liked, too. In the bookshop, they had some David Shrigley stuff, and leafing through WHO I AM AND WHAT I WANT, I was forced to snerkle aloud by 'Pigeons Timmy Has Fucked'. There was a TV show about Shrigley last week saying how reclusive he was, and that he was too shy to do the YBA thing. Well how has he got so damn famous? Will Self is a fan, and everything. (Envious snort-)
On to the NPG, where I looked at the Terry O'Neil CELEBRITIES show, the Portrait Awards, and the Gerald Scarfe stuff in the basement. now, he used to do stuff at my former place of servitude, and was always nice to us,and is also a rather sexy man, in a way, but I think his work is wildly overrated. The Thatcher and Currie caricatures are undeniable masterpieces, though...
Rum goings-on in the little market behind St. Martin's-In-The-Fields... The stallholders seem to be going tonto. First, this Chinese woman started furiously singing 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas' in a manic, dead-eyed fashion, and went carolling around to all the other stalls. At the time, I was looking at the used books, and nearly buying THE BOOK OF MARGERY KEMPE for £2.50, but the guy on the stall (pointy Peruvian hat,stubble, thick glasses; strange vibes-) suddenly let rip with 'Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?', and frightened me right off. I went home.

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