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I've got an opportunity to do another month of weekly strips for the Pancevo Press.Fab! I really enjoyed doing the first batch. The Pancevo Press rocks, actually. I wish I could actually read it...!4013/index4013.htm

Went to ASDA and LIDL for basics. not much temptation, actually; no cool LIDL Special Offers this week...Next week, though, DVD players, for £37.00, etc.( Whimpers, salivates-) Still trying to watch STALKER (again-) I'm determined to get through it, but I have no idea what's going on...I have a bit of a problem with Tarkovsky, sometimes.

Later... Ahh, MEFISTOFELE is on Artsworld again. Love that opera; so gloriously OTT and vulgar! I've now got the Christmas RADIO TIMES, too. This is no doubt desperately sad, but I always really get a buzz out of buying it. In fact, I rather enjoy buying the RT everyweek, I'm afraid. Simple pleasures-

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