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Spaced Out...

Quite a nice gloomy winterish day, as opposed to the murky, slimy kind.I went along to see Bill Viola's PASSIONS at the national Gallery, where I actually went into some kind of hypnogogic state. I was in there for over two hours, to my complete astonishment. I wouldn't say, on the whole, that it represented his work at its best, though. The 'Pieta' piece disturbed me, though. (Christ figure comes shooting out of water-filled sarcophagus,to astonishment of mourners, but appears to be still dead...) I'm glad I was able to go at an 'off' time. I can't imagine being able to get into these painfully slow-motion scenarios in a bustling weekend environment. It irks me, though, that at the National Gallery when you ask for your 'concession' they always ask 'What kind of concession?'. I lean heavily on my stick and try to look as spazmo and ancient as I possbly can (that is ,very...) to shame them. I had a mooch around some of the early Renaissance rooms, and then decided to have a look at what was on show at Canada House. I'd not been there in a while, and discoveed that before entering you now have to go through a whole big security routine, worse than at the airport, putting your bag through the machine, and getting a right thorough 'spread 'em'-type scanning. Awp! REALM OF THE SPIRITS is a sweet little show, though; lots of numinous traditional masks and artefacts from the Northwest Coast, with a nifty free catalogue, full of colour photos. There's a really must-see "Queen of Hearts" mask of the late Diana. Great stuff. She came to the artist ( Joe David ) in a dream, shortly before she died, and demanded a hug...

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