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I am pissed off because I had really intended to go to the ComICA Posy interview tonight. Financial embarrassment didn't permit. It was Posy or Bill Viola this week, and he won. Still, I be vex...
Strange sort of day, although I have managed to get a lot of Stuff done... I keep thinking about an ancient comic strip that used to be in the Sunday paper when I was a kid; OUR BOARDING HOUSE ... It was crap, and I didn't like it, but one of the characters, Major Hoople, who appeared to have a centipede for a mouth and was thus vaguely scary, always used to mutter things like "Fap!" and "Awp!" when irate. I often find "Fap!" popping into my head, even today. I don't think I've ever seen it anywhere else, but it's a strangely satisfying thing to mutter irately.

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