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Major EwwwUrrgh! Moment...

BODYSNATCHERS last night was quite riveting. When they tweezed the giant maggot out of that woman's scalp, it took my breath away! Bit of a swizz, though, that they didn't reveal if it's true about tapeworms making you lose weight... probably to avoid inspiring eejits like me to unhealthy folly. The volunteer bloke , who had classily washed down the (Yggggg...)'cyst' with a glass o'red, implied that it did, though, and there is the famous Maria Callas legend -

I now have a working, draining-away bathroom sink for the first time in nearly two decades! The job was done around six last night, by a grousing youth with a spookily strong likeness to Soham murder suspect Ian Huntley. No holes in the wall were required, as I'd been warned several times, just a giant 'snake' thing, and rather a lot of muddy mess. 'They' don't know nuffink, he said. Don't listen to 'em. Well, fingers crossed, then...

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