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Bloody Sodding Hell..

After literally years of brushing my teeth over the tub because the bathroom sink doesn't drain properly, I arranged for council workmen to come and do the 'big job' they always warned me about to deter me, today. I have, of course been sitting here like a melon all afternoon; no sign of 'em, and it's pretty late, now. Soooo fucking typical (presses wrinkly old lips togeter in Victor Meldrewish fashion and sputters...)
Watched BOOBAHS again. It just doesn't have that TELETUBBIES je ne sais quoi, though. The creatures have no individual personalities, and the 'real people' stuff is most tedious. Bah.
Stil working on bloody benefit shit. Should have them ready to post this week, anyway. Horrible things. The new ones, are, need I say it, more confusing and complicated than the ones they're replacing...Oh well, musn't grumble. If I were in this situation in the land of my birth, I'd be a street person, scavenging in rubbish bins.
I also did a litle review for ZUM that's been lying around undone for about three months, so I guess that's good, yup...

I kind of wish I were back in Pancevo. I felt quite inspired there (Only I hadn't time to do much...) Now, I've got nothing but time, and I'm just not in the comix mood. A sad case , moi-

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