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Museum - Hoppin'

Just been to the ICA to see some instalations by LA Raeven, the skinny spooky twins...Wild Zone 1&2-The first time I went in, I didn't notice the special BO-derived scent that's pumped into the gallery, supposedly to make folk uneasy. so, I went upstairs to see the Annika Larsson films ,'Dog' and 'Police', both quite good to look at, and then back to LA Raeven.A man asked me what I'd thought of the exhibit. Taken aback, I gabbled 'Uhhh, nothing, really-Sorry.' Actually, the pieces were very hypnotic. You rally start to feel mindless after a couple of minutes. Is that the point? I had a good sniff,too, but couldn't detect any real odour...Maybe my chronic rhinitis-maybe I'm just too old for this kinda art...
Yesterday I checked out the Paul Robeson exhibit at the Theatre Museum. Nothing there was really new to me, but I had an urge to hug the mannequin wearing his OTHELLO cloak, and managed to restrain myself. It was up on a sort of little plinth, anyway.
On the way out, there were cards where people had written their impressions. Some wanker said they'd never heard of him, hadn't learned anything, didn't care...That actually upset me, although I doubt if it was true-even the most sarky, snotty teenager surely couldn't hear that voice and be unmoved. If they really can, I don't want to know about it.

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