Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

'Christmas' Earlier Than Ever...

One of the flats in the new slum tower in front of this one has had Christmas lights up since the end of October; even more insanely early than usual, but I suppose it's this frenzy people people seem to be in , about having a 'proper'  Christmas. The horrors of these enforced-gaiety 'family' occasions...or even worse, partner's family!  make me glad to be an isolated oddity. The only 'social' good time I've ever had at Yuletide was spending it with a select few of equally weird characters.
IThis morning, I really couldn't get out of the bed, and the shower was torture. Two more sleeps until I can allow myself to switch the heat on. (By then, I will probably be mild!) I kept putting off going to the park, but actually, when the sun was out, it wasn't unpleasant.
I see Macy's Thanksgiving Parade was back this year. I seem to vaguely remember being taken by my father, and riding on his shoulders. I also recall a year when a giant balloon came loose and you could see it flying away from our high-rise window in Brooklyn. ( I may have imagined that one, though...)

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