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London Comi...Cark!

Boy, I shoulda really made time for that flu jab before I went to Serbia,eh? I've got one of those juicy mothers that keeps coming back on you just when you think you're over it. Did manage to have a look around (hot,loud and geeky - no surprises there...) and dump my dusty out-of-date wares on the kindly girlycomic duo. saw several items I really fancied, but (guess wot!?) had no money to spend, and restricted myself to the cheap & cheerful FUNTIME IN BRISTOL, from the very nicely presented and dressed (mini-Battenberg bits!) CAPTION stand. Well placed, too Quite away from the teenage scrum area. I must have looked great, as somebody fanned me with a flyer,as I was fleeing for comparatively open spaces!
Heard part of the discussion on Education and Comics, which was interesting...Only I'm getting older faster than ever, or the mikes weren't working too well. NOT helped, I might add, by a couple of geekboys carrying on a loud conversation at the back, as if nothing were going on down front. Humph! Youth of Today, etc...
I went over to the Horse Hospital, which should have opened at noon, but as it hadn't by nearly one, (Oh those loveable boho slackers...)I returned to The Holiday Inn for a good small press panel. It was my turn to cause a disruption, and after foolishly popping in one of those little Listerine disintegrating sheets that you put on your tongue for post-tooth-extraction breath, I was convulsed by a sputum spasm of massive and mortifying proportions.Last thing I heard was discussion of self-censorship, like not using your comix to promote racism, etc.
I think at that point it was just about over... I tried to go back in, garked again, and gave up. Still whooping and bleary-eyed, I gave the Horse Hospital one last chance. Result! I gave them a bit of my peformance art, too, but managed to sort-of appreciate the show. Very small,with some very interesting work by very interesting artists. Everyone who's in the Russell Square area over the next few weeks really should pop in (but probably not before one !-)

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