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Supermarket Synchronicity/ GRRR! 4

While (still!)snuffling and hacking around my favourite hotspot, LIDL, who should I run into hunting Thursday Specials, but Mr. Gravett? Hmmm, I think there might be some sort of mystical cartoon-related thinglet percolating here...
Think I'll probably waddle along, persitent flu-cooties and all, to the London Comicon Saturday. I'd love to pay respects to the industrious girlycomic dynamos, and if Ms Scott is attending, I cold pass on a taster packet of GRRR! goodies. I had intended to snailmail it to cleanskies to check out and pass on, but with all this bristling wildcat activity at the moment, it might well be quicker to send the (A4, not heavy-) packet up with jinty, non?
Just a few words about a delightful GRRR! sideshow, at 'Mr Spiral's magical Shoe Gallery. This actually is a teenyweeny ,very old-fashioned shoe shop, jovially presided over by Mr.S, who in addition to producing poetry and drawings, is part of the band Napred U Proslost (of which I am quickly becoming a firm fan-). The place is a great illustration of everything I loved about the Serbian alternative scene. Local arty types wander in, filling virtually every inch of floor space, partake in a Coke, or whatever,and chat, while 'real' customers. quite unintimidated by the weirdo convention, go about buying tartan kiddie slippers etc. As a matter of fact, Gordana convinced Sasa he needed some new boots, and another sale was made ... There's not much wall space, but enough to how a fair selection of shoe-related oeuvres by the usual suspects, (moi included, to my great honour-) It's just a knockout little place, full of good vibes, graphics and quite presentable shoes, too.
Oh yes, and I was also greatly impressed by my visit to painter/performance artist Stevan Markus, who lives in the oldest house in Pancevo,(currently being noisily restored around him and his family.) He paints strange, wonderfully coloured naive scenes, usually featuring himself glowering in various guises of his personal mythology. He's also a local legend for pre-empting Mr Blaine in the self-torture stakes and having himself, face painted red, dangled by his legs from a building and slowly lowered to the ground, quite accidentaly observed by an impressed Minister of Culture.
If the gruff,grouchy Markus doesn't scare you , nothing much will, but I get the impression, somehow, he's really rather a sweetie. Damn interesting painter, too-
Which reminds me, those attending the LonCon, the Visionaries exhibit at the Horse Hospital has opened; wigged-out work by Coleman, Spare,etc. etc. Should be well worth a short detour.

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