Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

ANOTHER Big Monkey Man Fright!...

Woke up feeling so sad and miserable, blah! Another manky, damp, grey day. Met R Next Door in the park again. Quite unusual, these days. She hadn't yet gone to the common because of the leak hassle. She obviously isn't very pleased with me, either, because of the Wi-Fi booster stuff. Fuck her. Lily the dawg then hurt her paw on something sharp in the grass, so they went unhappily indoors.
I finished my workout and went to Coffee Lovers, although that didn't really cheer me.
I carried on to Clapham Junction, where I checked out TK Maxx for  new art supplies. Nothing interesting... Got a few groceries at LIDL, and headed to the bus stop. This  very massive weightlifter type in front of me was startled when the bus pulled up, for some reason, and staggered back, tangling his feet up somehow (This is true-) and fell over like a chopped rewood onto my trolley, which shot backwards, shoving me over. I fell sideways, with the terror of broken bones taking my beath away. Before I knew what was happening, I landed with my forearms flat on the bus stop bench, without cracking my wrists or anything, thank heaven. Jaysus, what is going ON?
Watched the last BAPTISTE last night. It was OK. About time the series ended, though. I like  Tcheky Karyo, and Fiona Shaw was fabulous, as per usual. Series 4 of HANDMAID'S TALE also finished, thanks be to God. One more to go, which I guess I'll have to watch. Again, very well done, with fine performances, but Jeez, enough's enough.
'IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOON' was a peculiar sci-fi murder film... Interesting notion, but  in the end, nothing special.
Ha! One nice thing, today! The vet just rang and Moon's bloods are looking quite good. Thanks St Francis, Cernunnos, and all you animal protectors!
And, of course, thanks to my humanoid readers for sending good vibes.

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