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Dental Distress/ More GRRR!

Done it; tooth's out.( Ohhh, and I do feel queer.) Thought I was gonna faint. -'Hold her head steady, Nurse.'- Oh, this torturous life!, as me Mum would say...Seems to have stopped bleeding, anyhow...
Back to Serbia: On the Sunday, (19.10) there was an excursion by (fat crip-unfriendly) coach. Getting on felt like being in one of those ancient cartoons where they're all toiling to shove the elephant's arse onto Noah's Ark. It also rained, as I'd somehow expected... Anyhow, got to see some more out-of-town vistas, and we ended up in Banatsko Novo Selo, a little hamlet with a tiny folk museum (All sorts of precious-looking artefacts just lying about; you can handle them, no problem-) and a very impressive cartoon exhibit at the Alternative Cultural Club. It just blows me away that these dozy little villages all seem to have strong and active enclaves of (very good!) mad cartoonists, with an eager and talented pre-teen contingent comin' up. Absolutely everyone seems to play in a band, too, and it's considered normal and worthwhile! Crumbs, the suburbs weren't like this in my formative years!
After about three hours of standing about,( -This is one Serbian thing Ms Uptight Western Urbanite found it incredibly frustrating to deal with...I'd always considered myself fairly laid back on the topics of punctuality and organisation, but this country takes extended arsing about pointlessly to Baroque extremes, and I think if you're going to survive there, it's something you just have to learn to cope with. I didn't, but at least I recognised the need to, I guess...Will try harder next time, if I'm lucky enough-) there was a short screening of some hilarious early 80's performanaces of the band I'm now listening to, NUP, including a very nice and spooky little animation dealing ,I think, with drugs, death and falling snow.
Finally there was a longish trek in the rain to a local restaurant where we were given strange and potent aperitifs, and about 20 varieties of meat...I don't think extended survival as a vegetarian would be at all practical, from what I saw, in Serbia. As I've done before, (Prague- )I put my moral scruples to one side for the duration, and just shovelled in whatever I was given, and glad of it. Lucky for me, I was able to eat for free all during GRRR! and for very little the rest of the time. After I'd stocked up on several boxes of fags for cat-sitting Renate,and others, and bought myself some neat 'creativity' scissors with several different styles of blade, and a 'St Michael' tryptich ikon for my pious old mother, I was flat broke.

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