Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

More 'Heat Alert' , Doin' Nuffink...

sweltering, of course. I was up and about by six AM, but it was too hot to go to the park already, and my sneezing was unstoppable. Bah.
Talking Pictures has been showing quite a few films with Laird Cregar recently, and I find him fascinating. He was only 31 when he died after an operation. He'd been starving himself like mad and popping pills for some time, so that he could become more of a 'leading man', instead of usually playing killers and weirdos. He was pretty huge, (6'3") and portly with it, although he was handsome enough. He didn't even look all that fat, really, and was a very engaging actor, especially in HANGOVER SQUARE, playing a composer who goes homicidally nuts. Poor guy didn't have much luck. Evidently one of his boyfriends got murdered, in a strange unsolved case, too.

Poor old Laird Cregar

 Gonna crawl off and watch HEMINGWAY, now.

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